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 Managing My Customer Account

Why is my previous log-in and password from or previous golf bookings system not working?

If you previously had an eReg or online golf account, simply go to the login page of this site and select the link to reset your password. When instructed, provide the email address that you previously used for eReg or to book a golf tee time online.

Can’t remember the email address you used? Go ahead and select the Create Account option.

How do I update the email address the City of Edmonton has on file?

First log in to your Move.Learn.Play account; this will bring you to your Account Preferences page. Select Edit Details from the menu on the left and update your personal information as needed.

I forgot the password to my Move.Learn.Play account. What are my options?

Visit the login page and select the option to reset your password. You’ll then shortly receive an email confirming your request and enabling you to reset your password.

How long does it take to set up a Move.Learn.Play account?

This process is automated and takes just a few minutes.

How do I add (or remove) children to my Move.Learn.Play account?

Once you log in, you will automatically be brought to your Account Preferences. You can add children under the Families and Groups option found within the left navigation. To remove children from your account, please place this request with our Admissions and Customer Service team at

Is my credit card information kept on file?

The City follows strict cash handling policy and does not store your credit card information on file.

How do I deactivate my customer account?

Please place this request with our Admissions and Customer Service team at

I still have questions. How can I contact someone about my Move.Learn.Play account?

Please email Our Admissions and Customer Service team are happy to assist.


  1. What’s happened with my current membership?
    • If you are a current member of any of our City of Edmonton Recreation Centres, your membership will remain on hold until June 30, 2021.
      • You can reactivate your membership by scanning your card with your first reserved visit at a facility. 
      • Please note that 2021 pricing will be in effect for reactivated continuous monthly memberships.

  2. What is the new membership?
    • The interim monthly membership is $40 per month for individuals and $100 per month for families and allows access to individual low-intensity fitness activities, in-facility low-intensity group fitness classes and virtual fitness classes.
      • The family membership is valid for up to seven people in the same household related by birth, legal status or marriage. 
      • Not available to purchase online. Please book an in-person appointment with the front desk and bring a list of family members, birthdates and proof of address for adults.

  3. I want to cancel my membership, what do I need to do?

  4. If I have problems with your form, how do I get help?
 How to Access a Recreation Centre


How do I gain access to a recreation facility/pool when they open?

  • In order to enter a facility, you will need to book a time.
  • It is important that you book a time. It is the only way you can get access to a recreation centre or pool.
  • You will receive an email confirming your booking along with information you’ll need to be aware of before you come to a facility.
  • You will be able to book a time slot up to two weeks in advance.
    * Note: Those without access to computers, tablets or smartphones can call 311 to register for programs or to book an entry time.

How do I book through MoveLearnPlay?

  • Log in before starting any reservations 
  • Click ‘Admissions / Memberships’
  • Click ‘Recreation Admissions & Memberships’
  • Click ‘Recreation Admissions’ if you want to reserve a spot (already have a membership, have LAP, or want to pay for a one-time visit) 
  • You can also purchase a membership by clicking ‘Recreation Memberships’ 
  • Select your facility
  • Select your activity 
  • You will then see all of the available times.
  • To select a time:
    • Select your admission type
    • Enter the same day in the start date and end date
    • If on mobile, swipe left until you see ‘book now’
    • If you have a membership, enter ‘1’ in the quantity filed under ‘member’, which will equal $0.00
      • Memberships DO include LAP memberships
    • If they do NOT have a membership, enter in the quantity per pricing unit (eg. 1 Adult, Child, etc)
    • Add to basket
    • Scroll down and click checkout

What do I do if I need to cancel?

You can view and cancel your upcoming time slot reservations within the "Appointment" section of your MoveLearnPlay account. To cancel an upcoming time slot, select the “cancel” button next to the desired date and time.

How early should I arrive at a recreation centre?

Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your reserved time slot for a fitness centre or group fitness activity.

What if I’m running a bit late. Will I still be able to get into the facility?

Yes, you will still be permitted to enter within your time slot.

Can I drop in for an activity in a recreation centre?

Drop-in visits are not permitted at this time. We require that you book a time to visit a centre.

Will you announce when facilities are full?

When a facility is at capacity, there will be no open times available when booking online.

Are you tracking people coming into a facility?

Alberta Health requires that we track all visitors to recreation centres for the purposes of tracing potential contacts with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

How long are time slots for the different activities?

Time slots fo rindividual fitness activities are 75 minutes. The length of fitness programs varies.

I want to visit both a fitness centre and then a pool. Can I do that with a single booking?

At this time, pools remain closed.

What do I need to know once I’ve booked my time and before I come to the facility?

If you are experiencing symptoms of illness, please do not visit the facility. We ask that you cancel your booking if you can.

  • Do not visit if you have travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days.
  • Do not visit if you have been in contact with someone with COVID-19. Stay home and isolate as per Alberta Health guidelines.

When you come to the facility, please show your booking confirmation to the staff member at the front door so we can verify that you have booked a time.

We ask that you come ready for your activity. For example, if you’re going to a fitness centre, then come dressed in fitness attire. Change rooms remain closed at this time.

We recommend that you leave valuables at home.


 What's Available in a Recreation Centre


When recreation centres reopen, what will I be able to do and use in the facility?

  • Fitness centres and gyms will be available for public use in the 5 recreation centres that are reopening. Please visit for information on which facilities are reopneing and when.
  • At this time, indoor children’s play spaces remain closed.

Will there be any restrictions on activities in fitness centres?

  • Fitness centre equipment has been spaced out and the availability of some equipment will be reduced to ensure appropriate distancing between patrons. Items that are not considered safe to share at this point (e.g. TRX, cable attachments with cloth parts, resistance bands, or dynamax balls) have been removed. 
  • Only low intensity activities will be allowed (exception when working out with a Personal Trainer in a dedicated space). Working out at low intensity means you must be able to talk while exercising. Another way to judge low intensity is the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale from 1-10, which you can check out here and which we will post at the facility as well. An RPE of 1-4 is acceptable.

Will indoor running tracks be available?

  • Indoor tracks will not be available for walking (with the exception of the lower track at Kinsmen Sports Centre), and rather used for spacing out more of the Fitness Centre equipment.
  • Where possible we will set up walking paths throughout spaces like gymnasiums and/or fieldhouses.

Are indoor fitness programs being offered?

  • Virtual fitness programs are being offered. You can book those through Move Learn Play.
  • Low-intensity indoor fitness programs resume on March 8. More information is available on Move Learn Play.
  • Personal training services are now available.

Are drop-in programs and open gym times available?

  • To adhere to Alberta Health guidelines, there will be no spontaneous/drop-in/open gymnasium times available.

What about pools? When do they open?

  • Indoor pools remain closed at this time. We are looking at options for reopening some pools.
 Our Safety Protocols

  • What are you doing to ensure my safety while I’m in the facility?
    • You must reserve a time slot in order to access a facility
    • Signage will be in place at facilities to help guide you. Staff will also be available to help with directions.
    • Please follow all entry and exit signage at facilities.
    • It is mandatory that patrons and participants wear a mask at all times including while participating in individual or group activities.
    • You are asked to come dressed in your workout clothes.
    • Alberta Health recommends you bring your hand sanitizer with you, but we will have hand sanitizer available in multiple locations throughout the facilities.
    • Please do not gather in common areas inside or outside of facilities.

  • What are you specifically doing for safety in fitness centres and gymnasiums
    • Equipment in fitness centres has been spaced 3-metres apart to comply with physical distancing guidelines. 
    • Some equipment will be taken out of use to ensure proper physical distancing.
    • Staff at the facilities will also help by:
      • Directing traffic, ensuring proper user etiquette and thoroughly cleaning equipment before and after use. 
      • Working with custodial staff to ensure all high-touch areas and amenities are regularly cleaned. 
      • Monitoring physical distancing and the use of masks or face coverings. 
      • Educating patrons in all fitness centres and gymnasiums about current COVID-19 guidelines for facilities.
    • Signage throughout facilities will assist with patrons having a safe and enjoyable experience and signage leading into facilities will remind people of the public health guidelines and the need to have a time booked for entry.
    • Additionally, new queuing markers and control devices will be in place to assist patrons in maintaining appropriate distances.
    • Only low intensity activities will be allowed (exception when working out with a Personal Trainer in a dedicated space). Working out at low intensity means you must be able to talk while exercising. Another way to judge low intensity is the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale from 1-10, which you can check out here and will be posted at the facility as well. An RPE of 1-4 is acceptable. 
    • Masks or face coverings must be worn when using equipment. Posters showing this scale will be up in our facilities/fitness centres and staff will educate people as needed.

  • Will bathrooms be available?
    • Yes, bathrooms are available. We remind you to follow Alberta Health guidelines and wash your hands after using bathrooms.

  • What are you specifically doing for safety in pools/aquatic centres?
    • At this time, pools and aquatic centres remain closed.

  • Will hot tubs and steam rooms be open?
    • At this time, hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms remain closed.

  • Will locker rooms be available for fitness users?
    • We ask that you arrive at the facility in your workout clothes
    • There will not be change room access for fitness centre or gymnasium users.
      • Valuables lockers may be available in facilities where physical distancing is possible.

  • Are there limits on how long people can stay in a facility?
    • There will be time limits on how long you can stay in facilities. Individual fitness users can stay up to 75 minutes before you must leave. Group fitness participants can stay for the duration of the program in which you are involved.
    • Everyone must leave the facility once your time has concluded. Please do not gather in common areas inside and outside of facilities and in parking lots.
    • Once you are done, you must leave so that cleaning can take place and to make room for others coming in for their scheduled visits.