Recreation Memberships

We have simplified our membership structure to make it even easier for you to get the experience you want for the best value! Instead of three memberships, we're offering two - Value and Benefits Plus - each packed with great benefits, enhanced accessibility to wellness through discounts, and no-hassle terms. For more information on what has been changed, visit

Whether you are looking to visit a recreation facility or buy a membership, we have you covered.

Instructor-led drop-in classes, including group fitness, are available for Benefits Plus memberships. Value members are required to pay the full drop-in admission fee for these classes.

Discounted memberships, including Corporate Wellness and Community League Wellness, and Household memberships must be purchased in-person at our facilities to validate eligibility. Household memberships are sold for all members of the same household related by birth, legal status, or marriage up to a max of 7 people.

Benefits Plus

Access to all small, medium and large City of Edmonton recreation centres.


Choose a small or medium recreation centre and start your fitness journey.


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