Kinsmen Sports Centre

Fitness Centre Schedule

Whether you're training for strength, endurance, flexibility, competition or fun, we've got you covered.

Drop-in Open Court Schedule

Your court experience awaits! Drop in today.

Racquet Sport Schedule

Courts are available for badminton, pickleball, racquetball and more. Reserve your court experience today!

Group Fitness Schedule

Get fit with fitness classes led by your favourite instructors.

Lane Schedule

Individual lanes available for lane swim, water walking/jogging and individual wellness movement. Please note, depth may vary.

Aquafit Schedule

Aquafit is a fun and energetic aerobic exercise class that uses the water for resistance. Low to zero impact makes it easy on bones and joints.

Hot Amenities Schedule

Facility amenities to warm you up!

Standup Paddleboarding

A full body workout with an inflatable paddleboard. Ages 8+

Swim Training Schedule

Professional swim coaches will help you improve your swimming skills, speed and endurance.