The Meadows Community Recreation Centre

Fitness Centre Schedule

Whether you're training for strength, endurance, flexibility, competition or fun, we've got you covered.

Drop-in Open Gym Schedule

Your gymnasium experience awaits! Gymnasiums are available for badminton, pickleball, basketball, table tennis and more. Drop in today.

Badminton/Pickleball Schedule

Reserve or drop in for your court experience today! Coming Soon

Indoor Playground Schedule

Enjoy our indoor playgrounds where children can climb, slide, hang and race through a 2-storey play structure.

Lane Schedule

Individual lanes available for lane swim, water walking/jogging and individual wellness movement. Please note, depth may vary.

Public Swim Schedule

A recreational swim for all ages. Disturbed water or waves and additional amenities may be available. Pool space may be shared with other activities and additional amenities may be available.

Hot Amenities Schedule

Facility amenities to warm you up!