Clareview Community Recreation Centre

Fitness Centre Admissions

Whether you're training for strength, endurance, flexibility, competition or fun. We've got you covered.

Indoor Playground Admissions

Enjoy our indoor playgrounds where children can climb, slide, hang, and race through a 2-storey play structure.

Open Court Admissions

Gymnasiums & courts are available for badminton, pickleball, basketball, table tennis and more. Please ensure all participants register individually.

Lane (25 Metres) Admissions

Individual lanes available for lane swim, water walking/jogging and individual wellness movement. Please note, depth may vary.

Public Swim Admissions

A recreation swim without waves designed for leisure swimmers. Pool space may be shared with other activities and additional amenities may be available.

Public Swim with Dive Admissions

A recreational swim with access to diving boards. Additional amenities may be available.

Shallow Water Aquafit Admissions

Aquafit is a fun and energetic aerobic exercise class that uses the water for resistance. Low to zero impact makes it easy on bones and joints.

Deep Water Aquafit Admissions

An aqua belt suspends you so that your whole body gets a total workout. Good for those with joint or injury concerns. Must be able to swim 25 Metres in deep water comfortably.

Tot Pool Admissions

A recreation swim in a warm shallow pool designed specifically for younger children. (Note: No other amenities available)

Hot Tub Admissions

Enjoy a warm pool usually kept above 39 degrees Celsius.